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Episode 2:

Lacey entered foster care for the first time when she was six months old. After spending her entire childhood in and out of foster care, including attending thirteen (!!!) different elementary schools, Lacey was adopted just two weeks shy of her eighteenth birthday. Today, she is a wife and mother who is thriving in her forever family.

Oh, and she and her husband just became licensed as foster parents, too!

In this episode of A Fostered Life, Lacey and Christy chat about some of Lacey's experience as a foster youth, how she ended up being adopted, and what her relationship with her adoptive family is like now, twelve years later. 

If you are hesitant about fostering teens, I know that listening to what Lacey has to say will inspire you to reconsider. There is so much to be gained by giving a teenager in foster care the security and love of a forever family and watching them heal over time. 


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