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Episode 21

It’s June, which means that Father’s Day is upon us. For many children in foster care, Father’s Day is a loaded holiday. Some have never met their fathers, if their fathers have even been identified. Others have fathers who are completely “out of the picture,” meaning they are no longer involved or engaged with their children’s lives. But why is that so common? Do the dads just not care? 

My guest today is going to challenge every preconceived notion you have of the men whose children are in foster care. Marvin Charles has emerged as a community and national leader in  creating stronger fathers and healthier families. Because of his own powerful story of separation from and then reunification with his own family, parents and children, and his 15+ years of helping others reclaim the positive role of fathers to their families, he is an experienced and trusted mentor and advisor. He has traveled all over the U.S. to speak about empowering fathers, to learn from other national leaders and to share our successes with other organizations hoping to implement fatherhood programs.

Marvin Charles is an ordained minister and his extraordinary effectiveness comes from his ability to see through the pain and threats of those he counsels to the powerful change made possible by embracing a living God and larger purpose. 

Today’s podcast features a man who stands as living proof of what’s possible for the men whose children are in foster care. As a foster parent, I am humbled and challenged by his story, and I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did! 

To read more about Marvin Charles's remarkable story, check out these stories from The Seattle Times:

'Baby, I'm So Sorry' -- Woman Finds Child She Lost 43 Years Ago; He Grew Up Blocks Away (Seattle Times, August 12, 1999)

South Seattle's DADS Unites Men in Fatherhood and Brotherhood (Seattle Times, March 20, 2017)


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