When I put out a call recently for guests for this podcast, I was overwhelmed by the response. So many people have written to me, from social workers to foster parents to former foster youth, all willing to share a bit of their stories in order to help enlarge and shape foster parent’s perspective on our role in the lives of the children in our care.  

Today’s guest is one such person, and I am so grateful to have had a chance to speak with her. Melissa Smallwood has such an amazing and redemptive story, beginning with her own experience as a youth in foster care. I don’t want to tell you too much, because she did a great job of speaking for itself, but I will say this: it was so refreshing to speak with a woman who approaches life and family and what it means to be a foster parent with such love and compassion. 

When you have a chance, take a moment to visit Melissa’s web site, www.melissasmallwood.com. Our conversation today only scratched the surface, and she has so much to offer foster and adoptive moms especially.

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Thanks for listening and thanks for caring about foster care.

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